Strategy-first patient engagement

There are no short cuts. Every patient, site, protocol, country, and study timeline has different needs.

We objectively determine the right strategy based on your priorities and then select the best execution tactics to get you there.


Our strategic planning methodology uses defined, repeatable processes that will give you confidence in our approach.

  • Primary and secondary research
  • Benchmarking
  • Recruitment difficulty analysis of internal and external factors
  • Application of core principles and best practices
  • Outcome prioritization
  • Contingency planning
  • ROI


Awareness and understanding

MMG brings your study to the right patients, wherever they may be.

  • Branding and messaging. Imaginative, compliant concepts that bring your study’s value proposition to life.
  • Study materials. Our in-house creative teams work from a rich suite of purpose-built tools for patients, caregivers, sites, and referral sources, and craft entirely new materials.
  • Videos. The top preference of many for stronger learning and engagement, both for recruitment and retention.
  • Study websites. MMG’s Technology Development team deploys best-in-class, mobile-first websites globally.
  • Digital and traditional media campaigns. MMG’s evidence-based campaigns are continuously optimized by our internal team of media specialists.


High-tech and high-touch

While fully leveraging the innovations of this increasingly virtual world, we continue to wield the power of direct interactions.

  • Patients, caregivers, family, friends. Boots-on-the-ground community outreach. Personal touches for all stakeholders, with options to deliver through an app. In-house call center for patients who value talking with a person by phone.
  • Sites. Recruitment workshops. Deep dives into individual sites. Quick and easy to access study materials, recruitment plans, performance metrics, and more through ClinKit, MMG’s proprietary communications hub.
  • Providers and advocates. Physician-led Medical Engagement teams. Enlist support of referral sources both within and outside of sites.


The tailored support your sites want

More than 5,000 research sites around the world have embraced our flexible support model, appreciating the ability to increase their focus on patients and the study.

  • Recruitment planning. MMG delivers concierge-level support, from detailed action plans to on-site services.
  • Materials and tools. Site-level options and opt-ins, cultural adaptations.
  • Chart review. In-person and electronic chart reviews by MMG’s Medical Engagement team.
  • Outreach collaboration. Aligned with site preferences and scaled to site capacity.

Retention solutions

Appreciation and support

We apply the same rigor that we use for recruiting your participants to avoid lost time, data, and investment of avoidable dropouts.

  • Acknowledgement. Compliant programs that reinforce the value of each participant’s contributions.
  • Compliance. Aids and services to support protocol adherence.
  • Satisfaction. Capture participants’ thoughts about their experience and recommendations.
  • At-risk tracking. Flag participants whose commitment to the study may be waning and limit the risk of dropout.
  • Transportation and travel. Across town and across the world. We have helped more than 16,000 patients get to their study visits safely and comfortably.
  • Reimbursement. Reloadable debit cards for seamless payments to patients and caregivers.

Program management

Performance optimization

MMG’s project directors are the leaders you want on your patient engagement front line, driving all aspects of your clinical trial recruitment and retention program. These proven experts do more than just keep things on track. They anticipate challenges and adapt on the fly, optimizing patient recruitment and retention throughout your study.

The value of your program is more than the sum of its parts.

Our partnership with you and your study sites creates patient and caregiver experiences that reflect the importance of their contributions.