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: Relay for Life Makes a Difference for Cancer Research, Cancer Survivors, and Volunteers

Relay for Life Makes a Difference for Cancer Research, Cancer Survivors, and Volunteers

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Many people have a family member, neighbor, or friend who has been personally affected by cancer. Every year, more than 1 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer, which is an astonishing number. Throughout the years, I have known several people who have been affected by the disease and have survived. With cancer hitting so close to home, I wanted to help spread the word about this horrible disease, and somehow make an impact. A friend of mine has supported the American Cancer Society, including the Relay for Life Olney event, since the chapter in Olney, MD, was founded 10 years ago. Her continued dedication to the cause touched me and prompted me to get more involved this year.

The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life is a fundraising event held in more than 20 countries and 5,000 communities, making it the largest and most impactful fundraiser in the world that is dedicated to ending cancer. It is a 24-hour event that honors survivors, remembers those lost, and raises money for cancer research. Each year, more than $400 million is raised. Proceeds are used by the American Cancer Society to continue research, support education and prevention efforts, and provide free services to cancer patients. Relay is a fun night filled with activities that bring together communities. Many local restaurants and businesses sponsor the event and donate services or food. It's a one night event, but fundraising continues throughout the year.

The American Cancer Society is also known as the "Official Sponsor of Birthdays," making it their goal to fight the disease and allow survivors to celebrate another birthday. Since 1946, the organization has contributed to long-term studies that have resulted in to cancer. Each year, $7 million are donated to science so that we can better understand how factors such as vaccines, diet, and hormone use contribute to the development of cancerous cells.

This year, the Relay for Life Olney event is scheduled for June 13, but our group started planning for the event in August of last year. Since August, we have held many notable fundraising events in preparation for event. It has been successful over the past years and raised thousands of dollars, so I'm hoping I will get to see the impact it has on people when attend and participate in Olney's 10th anniversary of hosting.

If you're interested in more information or would like to help the cause or volunteer or participate in the event, please visit the Relay for  Life Olney webpage

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