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: Tips to End the Summer without the Stress

Tips to End the Summer without the Stress

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The transition from summer to fall can be a big ball of stress for everyone involved. Kids go back to school, young adults are college-bound (maybe for the first time) and adults, well, everything just continues to be stressful (September doesn't change that). Parents and guardians may lose the anxiety of finding a way to entertain their children all summer during the school break, but gain the new task of helping their loved ones manage homework, chores, part-time jobs, and new environments.

For some, it may be simply the change in seasons that brings on added stress. After many years in school (13 for most and more for those who attended college and/or post-graduate school), fall means "new" to many people. New school year, new challenges, new opportunities. Despite being out of school for years, many of us feel that pull, that pressure, to start September with renewed determination. And that pressure can be stressful!

The best way to deal with stress varies greatly from person to person since we all handle stress differently. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Perception is reality: Changing your perspective may be difficult, but it may also ultimately be beneficial for your mental health. The American Institute of Stress says that stress is all about perception. Challenges that cause stress can be both daunting, and positive. One person's stressful move to a new apartment, is another's chance to redecorate and unclutter.
  • Relax your mind. What people really mean when they say "relax," which can often lead to more tension, is for you to relax your mind, and relaxation exercise can be helpful. If you don't have the time to break out a yoga mat, there are quick relaxation exercises that you can do before sending the kids off to school or going to work. Even if you have a particularly hard decision to make, step back and try a relaxation exercise: try placing your hand below your naval, breathing in while counting to three and breathing out on the same count. 
  • Failure to plan…You've heard the saying "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." Although you may find it trite, it's also true. Transition into the fall, whether it be to a new school year or just the new season, can be more manageable if you take the steps to plan.  One way to do that is to simply make a list of things you need to do to prepare for fall, and then, wait for it…set priorities.When everything's a top priority, nothing is a priority. Once you've set your priorities, make a schedule. Make a "fall resolution" to stick to the schedule for as long as you can.

The end of summer should be a time to unwind and enjoy warm evenings when the days are still long. Don't let stress--or the thought of future stress--keep you from enjoying this time!

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