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: ASIA Impairment Scale: A Quick Communications Tool

ASIA Impairment Scale: A Quick Communications Tool

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The American Spinal Injury Association's ASIA impairment scale is used to describe a person's functional impairment as a result of experiencing a spinal cord injury. If you or a loved one has ever suffered a spinal cord injury, you know firsthand that the terminology and lingo, including the ASIA impairment scale, can be overwhelming and even frightening. 

Although it is the responsibility of health care providers to ensure that they are using plain language and communication clearly to patients about complicated and complex health issues, we know that unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. In many cases, patients have to improvise and use their own tools to try to make information more digestible and understandable.

This is why the ASIA impairment scale was created: to ensure that a standard set of plan language definitions was used across all specialists and medical staff. The idea is to make it easier for a patient to understand his or her prognosis, no matter with whom they are speaking. 

With that in mind, I've created this helpful infographic do break down the different pieces of the ASIA impairment scale.


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