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: Catapult Yourself into a Good Cause

Catapult Yourself into a Good Cause

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Equality for girls and women makes a better planet for everyone. This is the idea behind Catapult, a crowd-funding platform dedicated to equality for girls and woman all over the world. Recognizing that philanthropic dollars allocated for causes inherent to girls and women are significantly less than the average amount of funds generated by other non-profit organizations and charities, Catapult aimed to make a change. Full disclosure: a dear friend of mine works for Catapult and helped launch the platform. When I saw the platform for the first time, I told everyone I knew-not because she's my friend, but because the concept is so fantastic.


About the Platform


Catapult is proof that a small group of people dedicated to a big cause can result in a ripple effect literally felt around the world. It's a small start-up based in New York City that was launched in 2012 by the non-profit organization Women Deliver. Catapult also has multiple curators who help support and shed light on issues and projects that are particularly important to them. Salma Hayek, Melinda Gates, Madonna, Olivia Wilde, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Beyoncé Knowles Carter are just a few of the big time names supporting Catapult projects.


In fact, Beyoncé and Salma Hayek, along with Frida Giannini, who is the creative director of Gucci, make up the founding committee of the CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign, a global campaign to raise money and awareness for girls' and women's empowerment. The campaign is powered by Catapult, and on June 1 sponsored the SOUND OF CHANGE concert featuring Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend, Florence + The Machine, and many others. Ticket proceeds went to CHIME FOR CHANGE projects, and then the following day, concert goers were able to begin using their ticket as a voucher to further donate to and support projects on the Catapult website.   


How It Works


Once on the site, you can browse through hundreds of projects ranging from advocacy to health to reproductive rights. For each project, you can see a breakdown of exactly where the money will go and how much more money is needed to fund the project. You can donate $5 or $5,000 and see exactly where the money is going. You can also form teams and get your friends to participate (a little competition, especially for a good cause, never hurt anyone, right?).   


Project 1


Since launching less than a year ago, donations to Catapult have helped fully fund projects ranging from initiatives to keep girls from the Maasai tribe in Kenya in school to creating a birthing center in Western Nepal.


Project 2


Here's a snapshot of some other projects on the Catapult website:

Give women the equal right to pass on their nationality: This project is working to petition governments to allow woman the right to pass along their nationality (citizenship) to their spouses or children.

Solar women warriors scholarship fund: This project supports the Solar Women Warriors Scholarship Fund with providing Native American women training in renewable energy applications to help them become gainfully employed in the renewable energy sector.

Transforming girls' futures through sports: This project supports the efforts of the Women's Funding Alliance in Washington State to help young girls participate in leadership-based athletic programs and create a summer soccer program.

So, if you're looking to make a difference and have an interest in supporting some great public health initiatives aimed at empowering girls and women, take a look at Catapult. The transparency of the platform really lets you see where your money is going and shows that even the smallest donation is working toward a larger cause.

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