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: Sexting: Defining a Public Health Problem

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Agreed, Sarah. Interesting read. To some degree we can all afford to take risks, but are we willing to pay the possible STD for the one night stand, the possible addiction for the experiment with substances, the obesity for fast food consumption, or the humility for an abused sext? I understand the pressures that come with being a teen - I was there once, after all. Makes me wonder why kids aren't being raised to just not want to send nude pictures of themselves...
December 11, 2012 03:17
I saw an article by Katie Heaney on today about the rising use of the "SnapChat" iPhone app for sexting - thought the author made some interesting and relevant points: Basically, the SnapChat app allows users to send pictures that are only visable for a very short period of time (determined by the sender, up to 10 seconds); after that period the picture is gone and can never be re-accessed. For obvious reasons, this feature makes teens and other sexters feel safer about sending something they don't want to be saved or shared. To me, it almost seems the app was designed for safe(r) sexting. And it sounds like it is marketed that way too, at least to an extent. But as the article points out, if a photo exists, even for a short time, then it can always be duplicated (e.g., by taking a screenshot or a photo of the photo). While SnapChat does have certain features in place to prevent unwanted duplication, there is ultimately no 100% safe way to send a picture you wouldn't want to see duplicated or shared. Anyway, just thought this was an interesting look at how new technology could/does affect the sexting scene!
November 21, 2012 12:19


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