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: Blue Beanie Day: Supporting Web Standards, Those Who Fight for Them, and Those Who Rely on Them

Blue Beanie Day: Supporting Web Standards, Those Who Fight for Them, and Those Who Rely on Them

Director of Application Development

If you're wondering why your Web developer is wearing a blue beanie today, rest assured that he or she isn't trying to make a fashion statement. But a statement is being made. Today is Blue Beanie Day in support of Web standards, and Web designers, developers, engineers, and their cohorts will be donning blue beanies in support of not just Web standards, but for the folks who continue to fight for them and the ever-more effective products we're able to create because of them.


In short, adhering to Web standards means creating Web content using a standard set of specifications, which allow us to create more useful and accessible websites. As we have discussed before, it is critical to speak to our audiences in their own language. To write with words that they can understand. To communicate clearly and plainly to educate, engage, recruit, or convince. More and more, that communication is happening online, through websites, mobile applications, and social media. There's no doubt that the language and words we choose matter.


But, another language matters too. When communicating over the Web, we use HTML, the basic language of the Web.  And when standards-based code is used, our products are more accessible, usable, compliant, and successful. For too many years, Web developers were prized for their ability to make websites work across all browsers (even ones that didn't fully support web standards) and their knowledge of all the tips, and tricks, and hacks required to do so. But, as browsers become better at supporting web standards, Web developers can turn their attention to creating more powerful, varied products.


And when we can turn our focus to creating new and better products, we can also focus on the best features and tools to convey our messages and achieve our end goals, which may be to change health behavior, improve drug adherence, or increase clinical trial participation among our audience. With set standards in place, we can create responsive websites that adjust seamlessly to be usable and beautiful on any device, which allows us to meet our audience wherever they are and is something that our end users will soon be demanding. Our commitment to writing the elegant, lightweight HTML will allow us to do more meaningful work, which is the goal of any blue beanie-wearing designer.


So, if you see your Web developer today sporting a blue beanie, say thanks for a job well done. Here's to Web standards, and here's to a better experience for the end user.



MMG's Web developers sporting blue beanies in support of Web standards!

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carol ...
Cool message and very cool blue beanies!
November 30, 2012 04:40


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