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How You Can Reap the Benefits of Stress

I hold a job and am getting a graduate degree. A few days ago, upon talking to my class instructor, I got overwhelmed by stress. How am I going to update my assignment under a new deadline? Do I need to get up early and do school work before going to my job? As questions and ideas were rushing through my mind, I decided to look up information about stress. A TED Talk came up in my online search, and it has changed my view on stress and its role in our lives. Although we all face str… [Read More]

Touch is Important. Do You Know Why?

I recently got a massage. I rarely treat myself in this way, but it was a good opportunity to release tension I have accumulated in my body over time. As I was laying on the massage table, I sensed a calming effect and relaxed into the moment. When I walked out of the spa, I started thinking about the nature of touch and its importance in our daily lives.   I decided to do a little bit of research to learn more. A quick online search revealed that touch is the first sense … [Read More]

Cleanliness is Next to Healthiness: Engage in a Little Fall Cleaning This Year

It's fall, y'all (in case you missed my tirade on Pumpkin Spice Lattes). Although this means that leaves will be changing and pumpkins will be carved, this also means that a significant amount of time is about to be spent indoors as we transition to sweater weather. What it typically does not mean on the other hand is that these inside spaces are going to be cleaned--that's a task reserved for spring. But just because it doesn't (almost) rhyme, should we really be neglecting the autumn … [Read More]


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