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What We Don’t Want To Know About Childhood Abuse

"What were they thinking?" "How could he do that?" "Why on Earth would she [insert undesirable behavior here]?!" These are all questions we often ask ourselves and those close to us after witnessing aggressive, hypersensitive, or over-reactive behaviors. And often times we are quick to judge or react ourselves. Behavior is always driven by something. It may be something small, it may be something huge, but it's definitely something. In this case, the something I'm referring to is chil… [Read More]

What’s Behind the Ebola Mania? Could it be We Like the Panic?

Unless you've been living under a rock (and probably even if you have been living under a rock), you've heard we've got ourselves an Ebola issue on our hands in the United States. Please note that my choice of words is intentional. It's an "issue" not a "crisis," and it's certainly not an "outbreak" or "epidemic" (with only three cases of Ebola diagnosed on U.S. soil and only two cases contracted here, we are far, far away from having an outbreak of Ebola in this country). And how … [Read More]

Be a Kid for Halloween this Year: It’s Good for Your Health

Fall is far and above my favorite season, even as many are mourning the end of summer. There's the beautiful leaves, the cool, crisp air, pumpkin everything, and, of course, the greatest holiday of all: Halloween! (Okay, I'm a bit biased; it's my birthday, too.) But one of the things I love about fall is that there are so many opportunities to be a kid again, and it's socially sanctioned! Besides having fun and being outside in the gorgeous weather, acting like a kid again can be good… [Read More]


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